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Quick review of the Mola Demi Beauty Dish

I just tried out my new Mola Demi Beauty Dish on an engagement shoot yesterday.  I am completely impressed with the light it puts out!  I love the light fall off, and the harsher (than softbox or umbrella) shadows, giving a more defined shape to faces, while still remaining soft on the light side of the subject.  I will be using this for weddings for sure!

Tech stuff:

  • Light: Paul C Buff Einstien, fired with Cyber Sync, power by Vagabond Mini
  • Light at Camera Left just out of frame, at about 2′ above subjects
  • The sock was on the Dish
  • Shot on a sunny, late afternoon

Here are a couple images shot with it:

Canon 580EX II vs Alien Bees 400 comparison test

I just purchased a couple AB 400’s, and I wanted to see a real life, light output, comparison between the Canon 580EX II, and the AB’s.  I shot the below shots mid day, sunny, in the shade.  I metered without strobes, and set the exposure at -2 stops (ISO 200, F13, 1/200, 16mm lens), and then set the 580EX II at 1/1 (on manual), and full power on the AB 400’s.  I stood approximately 12′ – 15′ away from the strobes.  All strobes were lined up side by side.
Here we go…

Here’s the Metering shot, set at -2:

Here’s The AB400 with the stock 7″ reflector.  Again, set on full power:

Here’s the 580 EX, set 1/1, zoomed at 70mm (I know this isn’t really an apples to apples comparison to the 7″ AB reflector, but…  it still gives you a good example of output:

Here’s the AB 400 with the Long Throw 11″ reflector:

Here’s two AB 400’s.  One with the 11″ long throw reflector, and one with the stock 7″ reflector: