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Denver Engagement Session in Lodo








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I was just going through and editing my blog when I noticed this blog post didn’t have any text.  We photographed this engagement session in downtown Denver, in Lodo.  You could not have asked for a more beautiful day!

Allow me to go off on a tangent here…  we do a lot of our “urban” photo shoots in Lodo.  It has so many locations to shoot at in a very small radius, making it very productive for the time we spend with our clients.  It also has architectural elements that match our style of photography, from rusty metal textures & brick, to  not so pretty alleys.  We love to utilize these gritty elements to contrast our pretty, good looking clients.  Again, check out our website to see more images that display what I’m trying to describe.

Colorado Photographers shoot an Engagement shoot at the Denver Clock Tower (maybe the first?)

When we booked Tia and Justin’s wedding, and after seeing some of the Clock Tower wedding images on our website, they wanted to know if we could shoot their engagement session in the Clock Tower.  Once I got permission, I started planning the shoot.  Since Justin is the Midwest Director for GQ Magazine, they wanted a “GQ look” to some of their pics.  Hopefully we achieved it!  With the great fashion sense of Tia and Justin, and the ‘WOW’ factor of the Clock Tower, it was easy to make their images look great!

To date we have shot two weddings at the Denver Clock Tower, and we just booked two more weddings, for 2012.  If you are interested in having your wedding at the Clocktower (and us shooting it, of course!), please don’t hesitate to contact us!

As always, comments (leave comments at the bottom of the blog post) are not only welcome, but encouraged.

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Colorado Wedding Photographer shoots a Newport RI wedding

This past fall, I shot Jessica and Michael’s wedding in Newport, RI.  I had so much fun with J & M, and their families and friends.  Their ceremony was held at St. Baranabas church in Portsmouth, and their reception was at the Atlantic Beach Club, in Newport.   After the ceremony they packed the rock star, party bus with wedding party, and family, and we headed to Second beach to have some fun with some pics.  Jessica had some really cool ideas, so all I had to do was pull the trigger (OK, I did some other things too.  ha ha).  It was so much fun to shoot on the beach!!!  Then it was on to the party.  You’ll see from the pics, that it was quite a party.  Check ’em out!

As a side note, I am from RI, and all of my family is still live their.  This allows us to stay really competitive with other local New England wedding photographers.  So although we’re located in CO, if you know anyone getting married in NE, we’d love to chat with them about their wedding!

OK…  this pic and the next two need explanations…  We’re on the way to the church, and Jessica’s zipper broke!  We had to stop at CVS to get a sewing kit.  It’s a good thing everyone had a great sense of humor about the situation!!!

Evergreen Wedding Photographer – Breckenridge Engagement shoot

Our shoot with Jen and Scott was so much fun.  They live in Keystone, and when we were trying to pick out locations, I suggested Breckenridge because of all of the old buildings, and general vibe of the town.  I love using architectural features and textures to add a certain quality and depth to our images.

We started the day out at the oldest bar in Breckenridge.  The Gold Pan Saloon, built in 1879, made for a really cool spot to hang out and get to know Jen and Scott, and obviously get some really cool shots.

From the Gold Pan, we headed out and walked around town.  We then headed up to Hoosier Pass to get some outdoorsy shots.  We hope you enjoy their pics as much as we had shooting and editing them!   As always, comments or questions are encouraged and appreciated (at the bottom of the post).  Here’s a small sample of the day:

Colorado Wedding Photographer at the Stock Show?

Yup, I spent the day documenting the day at the National Western Stock Show.  I always look forward to going to the show!  For whatever reason, I find the farming lifestyle facinating.  Here are some pics.