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Bridesmaids – The Tradition Of Having Bridesmaids In Your Wedding

How many bridesmaids will be in your wedding?  Why do we have bridesmaids?
At one time, a bride had a court of maids and the primary reason was to fool evil spirits, yes that’s right, evil spirits.  Bridesmaids clothed themselves in a similar fashion as the bride;  it was to confuse ill presences hovering around the wedding.  The ill presence could be in spirit form, or the human kind that just might have intentions to kidnap the bride.  Don’t you know it is difficult to nab the correct woman when her maids are dressed in similar attire!  This superstition of dressing the bridal party the same,  also offered protection from an ill-doer wanting to steal her dowry, which is confusing to me, did she have that on her person?
Colorado Wedding Photographers
Colorado Wedding Photographers
The Groomsmen
The Groomsmen
In Rome, law demanded that witnesses come to the wedding to add confusion to the spirits that had evil intent for the bride and groom.  eHow’s “History of Bridesmaids” states that: “female wedding attendants came to a marriage ceremony in garments akin to the bride’s, while male wedding attendants–the forebears of ushers–wore attire that resembled the groom’s own clothing. This supposedly threw off bad luck that could be directed towards an easily identifiable bride and groom.”  Honestly, I never really knew why the wedding party wore the exact same outfit.
We have photographed all varieties of bridal party clothing; men who are required to wear a dark suit of their choice and matching ties, or bridesmaids that wear a dress of their choice all in a similar color, people in casual clothing; parties in all matching dresses, all matching tux’s.  I think bridal parties, at least partially, are breaking from the old tradition.
The tradition of kidnapping brides has pretty much died off, though, I can’t say for sure if evil spirits still hang out weddings.  That is definitely out of my realm.  In the past, no person of social status was unattended, the more the status, the bigger the wedding bridal/grooms party, a nice way to show off the family’s wealth.  So, why do we still have a bridal party in modern times?  From what I can tell, a girl likes to have her friends around her on a special day, and a guy likes hanging with his buddies to celebrate.   And let us not forget the added bonus of the parties that friends often help throw for the bride and groom leading up to the wedding!
On the wedding day; the bridesmaid is kind of like an executive assistant and helps the bride with her needs on her wedding day.  She is someone who the bride can lean on and celebrate with.
Cielo wedding photographer
I am guessing the bridal party exists today for a multitude of reasons.  They definitely are a big help to the bride and groom, fulfilling little tasks, tying loose ends last minute etc.  Tradition certainly plays a role, although, I am convinced that the average bride and groom are probably not familiar with the true beginning of having attendants.  Moral and emotional support given by the party on this important day is definitely a reason to have close friends around.  The end result is a nice support system of friends that always end up having a laugh and a good time!  It seems like a very nice tradition and a way to bond with friends!

Denver Wedding Photographers – Denver wedding Sample Slideshow

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I was putting together a sample slideshow for a corporate client recently, and decided to test out the software on a recent wedding we shot in Denver, at Artwork Network (see the blog post below for the pics).  What do you think?

Evergreen, CO Engagement Shoot

With a slight lull in our Wedding season, and wrapping up our X Games work, we shot Max and Nicole’s Engagement session here in Evergreen.  We met at the Little Bear Saloon for a beer, and then headed over to Elk Meadow, then off to a secret location.  We had a ton fun, and had the rare perfect light for Colorado.

Check out the pics.  We would love to hear your comments!  Please leave them at the bottom of the post.

Colorado Wedding Photographer – Jen & Scott’s Keystone Wedding

This past winter we did an engagement shoot in Breckenridge with Jen and Scott.  We got to know them, and realized quickly that they have a great sense of humor.  At their wedding in Keystone, it was obvious that their sense of humor is shared by their family and friends!

Their wedding was so awesome!  From the very meaningful ceremony officiated by Leon Littlebird, with his amazing Native American flute playing, and a Sage Ceremony, to their highly entertaining friends and family.

DJ –  DJ Guy, Zack Demare.  (Some DJ’s can be pretty cheesy… NOT Zack!)

Catering – A Chef’s Touch.  Outstanding!  We’re still talking about the Prime Rib!

Flowers – Bloom Flower Shop.  Their work was very creative, and held up great all day!  See for yourself in the pics.

Venue – Warren Station in Keystone.  If your looking for a great venue, right next to the Quaking Leaf Amphitheater (Ceremony site), in Keystone…

Officiant – Leon Littlebird.  We met Leon at an event at Arapahoe Basin this past winter, and really took to him.  He is a VERY talented, nice guy!

Hair and Makeup – Serenity Spa & Salon.  This is the second wedding that we have worked on with Serenity.  They do a great job, in a very cool & convenient location, right at Keystone!

Check out some of Jen and Scott’s images!  Comments are not only welcome, but Encouraged!!!

Thank you,

Dave & Peggy

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Evergreen Wedding Photographer – Breckenridge Engagement shoot

Our shoot with Jen and Scott was so much fun.  They live in Keystone, and when we were trying to pick out locations, I suggested Breckenridge because of all of the old buildings, and general vibe of the town.  I love using architectural features and textures to add a certain quality and depth to our images.

We started the day out at the oldest bar in Breckenridge.  The Gold Pan Saloon, built in 1879, made for a really cool spot to hang out and get to know Jen and Scott, and obviously get some really cool shots.

From the Gold Pan, we headed out and walked around town.  We then headed up to Hoosier Pass to get some outdoorsy shots.  We hope you enjoy their pics as much as we had shooting and editing them!   As always, comments or questions are encouraged and appreciated (at the bottom of the post).  Here’s a small sample of the day: