I would like to introduce my wife Peggy.  As some of you may know Peggy is a second shooter that works with me, and foremost, she is my lovely wife.  Having been through a wedding of our own and witness to many friends, family and client weddings, she has and avid interest in the art of putting together a wedding.

Often when we meet with clients, Peggy will go along.  She’ll often speak her mind when it comes to what we see when people are influenced by traditions and customs.  She would also tell you that she see’s many couples motivated by the objective of making their wedding different.  Either way, the ceremony and celebration are always interesting and it is fun for my wife to watch the process unfold into the final day.

She will be writing a few blog posts on the subject of wedding traditions.  Just in case you are interested on the background details of the customs and traditions that may be influencing your wedding.

I hope that you will enjoy her posts!

Trust me she’ll loves this pic!  ha ha!:

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