Eric’s Chicken “Farm” – An Expose on my Nephew’s Business

Since Peggy and I live in Colorado, and our Niece and Nephews live in Rhode Island, until now, we had only heard about the “Farm”.  Today, we got to see the operation first hand!  Eric Camara (my nephew) is quite the Entrepreneur, with lofty goals of a rapid expansion!

Camara established the business a year ago, at the age of 9, and has been selling his eggs to friends and family.  After starting the business, with three chickens, Eric plans on expanding the flock to six in early 2012.  By the time 2013 rolls around, Camara plans on expanding to 18 chickens, and doubling the size of the coop.  With a yield of 1 egg / day / chicken, Camara will be relying on word of mouth advertising to sustain the increased yield.  With limited competition in the area, and the superior quality of the eggs, Camara feels that this should not be an issue for him!

According to Camara, the chickens are “very curious, and funny”.  When asked what his favorite part of the job was, his reply was “making money”.   In addition to “making money”, he also enjoys showing his animals at the 4-H fairs.  To date, he has placed 1st and 2nd, including “Best in Poultry” in the regional 4-H Fairs!

Camara’s only employee is his sister, Sami (age 6).  She is the acting office manager.  She also fills in for Eric, at the coop, when he’s not “available”.  “Sometimes I pay Sami, and once I get more chickens, I will start thinking about paying taxes, but until then, I’m ‘flying under the radar’ with the IRS.”

Making $!

6 thoughts on “Eric’s Chicken “Farm” – An Expose on my Nephew’s Business”

  1. What a great expose on such a great business!! These pictures really capture Eric’s hands on approach and attention to quality and detail with his chickens i.e. washing eggs by hand with soap and water). I love this!

  2. Camara family, I am so impressed by Eric’s initiative, his committment and his adorableness! I could spread the word, but I am not sure if the time is right. Let me know. A satisfied customer, Jackie Shearman

  3. This is a wonderful web site, Camara family – A great interview with great photos -I am proud to be a friend of the family and a customer of Eric’s – well done on all accounts ….

    Bev Mankofsky

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