Colorado Wedding Photographers – Engagement shoot at St Mary’s Glacier

A couple weekends ago we did two distinctly different Engagement shoots.  The one below this post at the Clock Tower, with an urban feel, and this one at St Mary’s Glacier (and then into Idaho Springs) for Matt and Allison.  I love mixing up the looks to match the personalities of our clients.  Let us know what you think, by posting your comments at the bottom of this post.  Enjoy!


18 thoughts on “Colorado Wedding Photographers – Engagement shoot at St Mary’s Glacier”

  1. Very nice! The ones I like best are:
    1. The shot with Allison and Matt between the two tree trunks.
    2. The black and white close up of Matt & Allison on the “log.”
    3. Allison & Matt walking along the path.
    All have beautiful scenery.

  2. Wonderful pictures.I liked how Matt and Allison looked so relaxed in the photos.The setting choices were great. Having black and white photos in addition to the color photos was a pleasant surprise.

  3. Well I commented on a few individual photos but it looks like only one is showing. I like the photos that have you in the foreground. Makes it more personal. I still think Laila should have been hiking with you. Love the variety.

  4. These pictures are awesome. I like how each photo is different and not just one or two poses in different locations. Each photo is unique. Congrats to you both!

  5. Love your photos, Matt and Allison! I wish we were there to see you (and the beautiful scenery) in person. (I know Mark and Phyllis would like to be there also.)

    Love and Best Wishes Always!

    Paul and Shirley Marvel

  6. Matt and Allison
    Congratulations! I like the one by the water on the log, and on the path. Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing them.


    Aunt Bev and Uncle Bob

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