Colorado Photographers shoot an Engagement shoot at the Denver Clock Tower (maybe the first?)

When we booked Tia and Justin’s wedding, and after seeing some of the Clock Tower wedding images on our website, they wanted to know if we could shoot their engagement session in the Clock Tower.  Once I got permission, I started planning the shoot.  Since Justin is the Midwest Director for GQ Magazine, they wanted a “GQ look” to some of their pics.  Hopefully we achieved it!  With the great fashion sense of Tia and Justin, and the ‘WOW’ factor of the Clock Tower, it was easy to make their images look great!

To date we have shot two weddings at the Denver Clock Tower, and we just booked two more weddings, for 2012.  If you are interested in having your wedding at the Clocktower (and us shooting it, of course!), please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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26 thoughts on “Colorado Photographers shoot an Engagement shoot at the Denver Clock Tower (maybe the first?)”

  1. Awesome Pictures Justin and Tia!! Love the backdrops and wardrobe you all selected. You guys should send them to GQ magazine…if only you knew someone who had an ‘in’ there! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the fantastic experience, Dave! Justin and I had so much fun – you made the day relaxed, fun and exciting. We are thrilled with the results and looking forward to having you at our wedding (as both a groomsman and photographer:)

  3. The clocktower ones are very “GQ”-esque 😉 And you guys by the brick wall, so cute… they’re all great, love ’em!

  4. The pictures are awesome! “JusTia” is clearly a hit. You made the right decision to go with Dave as your photographer. I really liked the different backgrounds and textures.

  5. WOW!!! A M A Z I N G !! Of course you guys make the photographers life easier by being beautiful! But man…. I love the different use of cool backgrounds, colors and Black & whites, formal & candid pictures, what a cool variety of options!:) Well done!

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