Evergreen, CO Engagement Shoot

With a slight lull in our Wedding season, and wrapping up our X Games work, we shot Max and Nicole’s Engagement session here in Evergreen.  We met at the Little Bear Saloon for a beer, and then headed over to Elk Meadow, then off to a secret location.  We had a ton fun, and had the rare perfect light for Colorado.

Check out the pics.  We would love to hear your comments!  Please leave them at the bottom of the post.

19 thoughts on “Evergreen, CO Engagement Shoot”

  1. One of the things I love about Max is that he is always so agreeable to have his pictures taken. This is why we have such great pictures of him. These engagement photos are awesome! The beautiful couple framed by such beautiful surroundings of hills and fields. They are so Max and Nicole!! The nature loving couple! To include Lars into the event – is so touching. I love them all esp. the b&w one by the barn ( Max looking at Nicole with adoring eyes). So happy and proud of you both!

  2. just to let you know that i am a good friend of your mother and i think your photos are stunning. You make a handsome couple and the dog is a lovely touch too.betsy

  3. Recipe for amazing pictures:-

    Gorgeous Max, Beautiful Nicole = Stunning Couple
    Add handsome dog, Larsi
    Add perfect location, Colorado
    Add cool photographer. Dave

    Congratulations to you all.
    Can’t wait for the big day.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.

  4. You are both so beautiful. I am so happy you had these photos done and you have shared them with us. Wait till we share our stock of photos of Max with you Nicole at the wedding! Is Lars going to be at the wedding too. Have fun planning the big day. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Love Auntie Mia x

  5. I love you both on the photos and Lars! The photographer has a handle on getting Lars to pose! Good job. The setting is beautiful. The photos are great!! x

  6. Lovely couple! Fabulous shots! The natural landscape, colour & lighting just bring out the best of Nicole & Max. I am so impress of how Lars turned to be so cooperative in the photography session, just like part of the family.

  7. Great photos! Nicole and Max are so natural, set in Colorado beautiful landscape. The timing is just right, and the light have captured the romantic scene, especially in the field!

    Congratulations to you both! Hope you have a great wedding.

    Well done Max!

  8. Max and Nicole .. congratulations! Your engagement photos are amazing and you both look like models, especially Nicole, you look so beautiful and natural. The fabulous backdrop of the barn, hills, fields and the lighting are just perfect . I felt like I was flicking through a feature in a fashion magazine. You have both done an awesome job and I must not forget kudos to your photographer who has captured your love for each in other in your eyes. Love Lars too for being so obedient.

    Your wedding photos I’m sure will be just as amazing. Wish I could be there to share it with you but will definitely be there in spirit.

    Love Auntie Peck xxx

  9. Max and Nicole

    So you are going to make it to the aisle before Peck and I lol

    Seriously, congratulations – your photos are awesome and I wish you both a fantastic wedding and look forward to seeing more wonderful photos.

    Take care
    Mark x

  10. Hey Cousin Max and Nicole

    Congratulations! You both look amazing and I’m luving Lars in the pictures.

    Alex x

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