Colorado Wedding Photographer Shoots an Engagement shoot at 14,240′ on Mt Evans, CO

I spoke with Ben days before the shoot, and he and Kelly wanted a quintessential Colorado look to their Engagement photos.  After a couple f minutes of thinking about where to do the shoot, I came up with Mt Evans.  It boasts the highest paved rd in the North America at 14,240′, and it’s right in our backyard near Evergreen, CO.  We had such a great time, on such a beautiful day!  Check out their pics, and feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the blog post:

17 thoughts on “Colorado Wedding Photographer Shoots an Engagement shoot at 14,240′ on Mt Evans, CO”

  1. AHHH!!! So gorgeous…. I love ALL of them! The one of you guys kissing under the clouds is SOOO cool. Great job!

  2. I think I know this game…I spy an Engineer! You guys look lovely, the scenery is beautiful, and the dog couldn’t be happier. I love the look on Kelly’s face on the flower picture. Classic!

  3. I cannot believe that you did the tongue shot! I am sure I will see it framed over your mantel some day. Your photographer is a saint. It appears that Sally made it in the picture with you in the one where Ben is offering his yellow flowers to you. It’s hard to tell because you are looking right at her, rather than up and to the left where she usually is, but I can tell she is there. Gorgeous scenery, and super cool pics! I especially love the white wedding goats! Can’t wait for the big day!

  4. Wow!!! Your pictures are amazing! My favorite is the one of you two kissing. The location was perfect.

  5. These are amazing!! What a beautiful couple! The perfect setting for you guys. I can’t wait for the big day!!

  6. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the one of the two of you holding hands, your backs reflected in the water as you look over the great expanse of valley and mountains. To me it depicts you looking to the future and starting on the greatest adventure of your life.

  7. These photos are simply gorgeous! The scenery is stunning, and is an amazing showcase for such a lovely couple. I love how these photos display your personalities! I’m so glad I got the chance to see them.

  8. These are breathtakingly beautiful!! Perfectly suited as you stand on the precipice of beginning a new life together. Congratulations!!
    Sharon L.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! The setting is fantastic and happiness radiates from each. Congratulations and may you have a wonderful life together. (Makes me desire another trip to CO!)

    Sharon Wulfekuhle-Hefel

  10. Loved the pictures, Kelly. Your photographer is an artist. The pictures where you are reflected in the water are gorgeous. Don’t, for your mother’s sake, hang the tongue picture over the mantel. Keep it in the album though. Your kids will love it.
    Aunt Marilyn

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